Contact Us

Our goal is to establish solid business relationships with our customers.  We are more than willing to take the time to work with you on your next auction.  Please contact Randy Rohleder today!

Randy Rohleder
Auctioneer / Broker
4354 178th Street
Gorham, KS 67640
Office: 785.483.1501


  1. I’m having problems sending you pictures to your email address. I keep on getting failure emails back

  2. Randy, seems I can’t click on the sale bill to be able to read it. That is what I’ve done in the past and it would enlarge? Just letting you know, not a big deal I will see the bill in town.
    Jenelle Boxberger

    1. It looks like we are having some issues with our website, there were pictures and a full auction bill on the site but it is not showing now. We are really sorry and will try and get it fixed right away. Were you looking for something specific? We would be happy to send you some pictures directly.

  3. My father Rich Reynolds passed away this summer. I am considering an auction of his possessions. Do you come into the home & pack the items or are we respondible, do you have the auction @ the home, or do you have the auction elsewhere? Also cost…what costs are involved?

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