Our History

An Auction Tradition of Over 75 Years…

Rohleder Auction was started by Pete Rohleder in the 30’s. It was later his son, Otto Rohleder joined him, after attending auctioneer school in Mason City, Iowa in 1945. The Rohleders had a new and used furniture store in downtown Hays, Kansas where they sold many items at a weekly auction. Although, most household auctions at that time were held in the yards of the sellers. Otto was also a real estate broker.

Randy and Virginia Rohleder

It was truly a family tradition Otto’s sons: Leon, Norman, Paul, and Kenny were all ring men at the auctions. Daughters: Arlene was cashier. Mary and Rose Ann were clerks. In 1983, Otto sent two grandsons Randy and David to auctioneer school in Mason City, Iowa. Randy remembers how he got his start: waiting the entire sale to auction off the last item.

After auctioneer school Randy helped his grandfather until his death in 1985. Rohleder Auction added real estate in 1986. Currently, Randy has two of his cousins: Mark Brungardt, Hesston and Wayne Rohleder, Wamego helping out on auction day. Clerk is Mike Schmeidler of Catherine he has been with the Rohleders since 1976. Ring men are Norman (dad), Colby (son), and Mike Anderson. Cashiers are Vera (mom) and Sadee (daughter). Randy’s wife, Virginia works closely with him, whether it be advertising, setting up, clerking, cashiering or just helping out in the ring. She says, “Auction gets in the blood! We try to make it fun for everyone, because we love what we do!”

In 2013, Vera retired as cashier and in 2014, Ashley (Rayl) Rohleder (Colby’s wife) took over the position and is doing a great job! In the past few years Ken Meitler of Sylvan Grove auctioneers with us on occasion. The family support is still there. We often get Mary Brungardt or RoseAnn Rohleder (aunts) to clerk when are in need of running 2 rings.

The most resent changes in 2016, was that Mike Anderson retired to Arizona and our son-in-law has replaced him in the ring, do a great job! March of 2017, Sadee and Rex added, what we hope to be a future auctioneer to the family; time will tell.

In 2015, we also begin controlling our own website and we place a video of the items to be auctioned on Facebook the day before the auction. And so the tradition goes on….